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PC Build Services

Let us build your customized, dream PC for you! Whether its for gaming, video editing, computational number grinding or entertainment, we will help you find the parts according to your needs and budget. Our procedure starts with identifying which CPU you want (AMD or Intel), and then cascades to the […]

PC Maintenance Services

We are pleased to announce our new service offerings with PC maintenance services. Our maintenance services include the following. Diagnostics for when your computer is not behaving as expected.Repair for when your computer is not starting up or is slow.Cleaning for when your computer accumulates internal dust from continued usage.Optimization […]

Summer Coding Camp 2022

Pave your child’s way to lifelong success through the development of critical thinking this summer with our rich and diverse series of coding camps! One-Off Coder will be offering full-day, week-long computer programming camps in the following areas. Game, Drone and Robotics Programming with Scratch (recommended only for ages 6-8) […]

Goodman-Kruskal’s Lamba

Let’s learn about Goodman-Kruskal’s Lambda (GKL). This association measure is a Proportional Reduction in Error (PRE) measure. A PRE measure determines the reduction in the probability of error of one variable given another. GKL is an asymmetric measure; for two categorical variables, A and B, Lambda of A given B […]

Python Data Containers

Let’s learn new and modern ways of creating data containers in Python. Tuples? Try using named tuples. Dictionaries? Try using EasyDictionary. Classes? Try using data classes. These newer and alternative data containers help you write better and cleaner code. Let’s reach for success, let’s start learning.

Bayesian Networks, Py-BBN

Come learn about the basics of probabilistic and causal inference using Py-BBN. Py-BBN is an opensource API that anyone can use to solve and facilitate their decision making problems. This API is built using Python.

Coding Summer Camps 2021

Let’s empower our children to reach for success and invent the future! One-Off Coder is offering an exciting set of Coding Summer Camps this year for students ages 6 – 17. In order to provide an engaging experience and teach students how to think, we will be offering 5 courses […]

API Release: py-pair

We are happy to release a statistical library for computing bivariate association called py-pair! There are over 130 association measures for all your data science needs! Install it with PyPi. Learn more with online documentation. See the source code on GitHub.