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PC Maintenance Services

We are pleased to announce our new service offerings with PC maintenance services. Our maintenance services include the following.

  • Diagnostics for when your computer is not behaving as expected.
  • Repair for when your computer is not starting up or is slow.
  • Cleaning for when your computer accumulates internal dust from continued usage.
  • Optimization for when your computer needs a refreshed state.
  • Cooling for when your computer is running hot.
  • Tune Up for when you want to prolong the ROI on your computer.
  • Upgrade to maximize the computational power of your computer.
  • Backup to store your current data.
  • Security to protect your computer against viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware.
PC Repair Flow

Pricing depends on what actually needs to be done. However, diagnostic starts at 34.99 USD, but we encourage clients to get the yearly membership for 199.99 USD that covers up to 3 computers with unlimited diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Simply drop off your computer at our location during our business hours (M-F, 4-8 PM and S 10-2 PM) or by appointment at (703) 743-9010 or email us at info@oneoffcoder.com.

Take care of your tools so your tools can take care of you!


  • Do you service PC laptops? Yes, we service PC desktops and laptops.
  • Do you service Macs? No, we do not service Mac products.
  • Do you service Linux computers? Yes, if the hardware specs are based on a PC.
  • How long does it take to troubleshoot and/or diagnose my PC? We typically have a 24-hours turnaround time.
  • Will diagnosis include fixing? No, diagnosis is meant to understand the problem and provide a professional and expert opinion on what the solution/fix will be. Fixing the computer incurs its own separate charge?
  • How much does it cost to fix my computer after it has been diagnosed? The cost of fixing a computer varies and depends on the nature of the problem. The cost cannot be anticipated as the fix and solution can depend on so many factors (chiefly and broadly, hardware or software issues).
  • Do you have a warranty on your service if you fix my computer? Yes, we have a 15-days warranty policy on all our PC repair services.
  • May I send my PC by mail to you? No, we are a locally owned and operated business. You must bring in your PC and all required peripherals. Typically, your PC case with its components or laptop is sufficient.
  • Besides the service request or symptoms, what additional information do I need to give you? We will need an account with administrator privileges for your OS and/or BIOS.