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Guiding and empowering students in the study, discipline and practice of computer coding


API Release: py-pair

We are happy to release a statistical library for computing bivariate association called py-pair! There are over 130 association measures for all your data science…

Book Release: Python, No Tears

Empower yourself to start coding today with Python! We have updated our online book, “Python, No Tears.” There are explanation, more feature coverage and a…

Meetup: Python, No Tears

A free introduction on how to get started with Python is being hosted tonight: https://www.meetup.com/NextGenCoders/events/272644252/. The content is targeted for students grades 4-12. Parents should…

Meetup: NextGen Coders

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new Meetup group: NextGen Coders. We will be providing meetups for coders at all levels and…

Power Up Coding, Slot Machine Game

Power up your coding skills by learning how to code a Slot Machine Game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This project is appropriate for children…


Our educational philosophy is to guide and empower students in the study, understanding, and mastery of computer science fundamentals. We emphasize the transmission of efficient mental models of computer science, software engineering, and coding theories and practices to effect an enduring personal and professional journey of success. We respect and appreciate both the “how” and “why” in our coding experience; “how” addresses the mechanics of coding execution, while “why” addresses the underlying critical reasons for methodological decisions. We view the student-instructor relationship as inspirational and encouraging so as to ignite the student’s unrestricted interests in all knowledge domains of computer programming. The best assessment of your learning progress is your own honest self-assessment of who you are and where you are in your dare to dream a better you and world.

Core Values

Building character for life-long success

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”  – Albert Einstein

Featured Courses for Children and Adults


Python, Java, TypeScript

Learn coding fundamentals on variables, conditionals, loops, data structures, functions, and object-oriented programming with Python, Java, and TypeScript.

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    Enrollment Information

    One-Off Coder offers After School ProgramsPrivate Lessons, and Boot-camps customized to your interests and skill level. All enrollments are required to be in person. We only accept credit or debit cards (no cash or checks of any kind).

    Parents who are in the military (veterans included), law enforcement or fire service (firefighters) receive a discount per enrollment; proof of service will be required. A one time registration fee of $45 will be applied.

    Charges will automatically reoccur monthly until enrollment termination.

    Offering courses in fundamental, game, enterprise, and data science programming

    Enrollment Plans


    After School Monthly

    Per Month
    • One class per week
    • Customized lessons
    • Cancel after a month
    • Python, Java, JavaScript
    • Minecraft, Roblox
    • Greenfoot, Scratch
    • Drones, RaspberryPi, Arduino

    Private Tutoring

    Per Session
    • One-on-one personal tutoring
    • In-depth, specialized training
    • Advanced topics
    • Homework help


    Per Session
    • Deep-learning
    • Data Science, Machine Learning
    • Spark, Hadoop
    • AWS, Azure
    • Enterprise Application Development
    • Docker containerization
    • Angular development
    • Mobile development

    Our Latest Blog Article

    API Release: py-pair

    We are happy to release a statistical library for computing bivariate association called py-pair! There are over 130 association measures for all your data science…
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    First of a Kind, Causal Inference API

    We are pleased to announce a first-of-a-kind product release for scalable learning of Bayesian Belief Networks using a cloud-first, cloud-native API! Please take a look…
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    We are located in Gainesville, VA. We are ready to help you succeed and opened Monday through Friday 4 to 8pm, Saturday 10 to 2pm, or by appointment.

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